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Caribbean Starts With The Dominican Republic

In a recent speech by U.S. Ambassador Raul H. Yzaguirre Dominican Republic, it echos like a pretty scathing when he recalled. Referring to the research, the last place in the Dominican Republic in Latin America, the world of literacy, numeracy and science, has impressed in energy infrastructure, and corruption. But even in this darkest condemns the nation; Yzaguirre found time to pay tribute not only to work, the current president will reverse these things, but the beauty of nature and culture of the nation.

The query, which a traveler asks is whether the underlying social conditions of a place that should keep you away from her. If anything, one could say that we have a responsibility to visit places like: Tourism is said to be over 2 billion (USD) in annual revenues in the Dominican Republic. More than 2 million people will stay on the island 70 000 hotel rooms, served by 160,000 Dominicans. If you removed all that you remove the main catalyst for change. Even without profits, international interests always bring new ideas and standards (although there is always a danger that some of the original culture will be lost).

Dominican Republic

Of course, you should not feel guilty triggered a place to visit. But travel writing tends to leave the social environment does not match, rushing directly to the most positive aspects of a place. One of the reasons that I can transform the Convention on the head because it is safe to say that the Dominican Republic is far outweighs the positive and negative aspects to surpass expected. If you never travel there (I am happy to say that I did), it will be your loss is greater, rather than the emerging economies themselves.

 The state in which the Caribbean can breathe

 “A land of contrasts” is an expression rather cliché to kick things off. Honestly, it’s an idea rather liberal use of world geography and tourism in particular. So I hesitate to wheel, in case the Dominican Republic, where it is true, whatever. But as the second nation in the Caribbean on the island (island of Haiti), where European colonization of the New World began, these contrasts exist, because the culture has had time and space to breathe.

 About 25% of tourists visiting the Dominican Republic are the United States and Canada, and there is a feeling that you can rediscover America on the beautiful beaches of the island and within relatively preserved and expansive. The largest museum in the country, the Columbus Lighthouse is located in the capital Santo Domingo. Centuries in the making, this remarkable building created to celebrate 500 years of Columbus landing. It is a half mil long, built cross-shaped pattern with the flagship supplemented with lasers that shoot into the sky tonight. You’ll find exhibits on the North and South America, and buried the remains of Columbus himself.

 The Columbus Lighthouse is simply a must for people in America, and for anyone, even the vaguest understanding of human history and achievement. The history, the nation’s colonial past can be found in Santo Domingo. There is also the Cathedral of Santa Maria La Menor, Alcazar de Colon, the Monasterio de San Francisco and Fortaleza Ozama. These buildings have the honor of being the oldest cathedral, castle, monastery and a fortress on the west coast of the Atlantic, to reinforce the historical importance of the nation.

 Stunning scenery

 The island’s early history is told through the country, and what history is. Caribbean beaches are often famous for its beauty, white sand and the Dominican Republic are no exception (and perhaps very ordinary). But the hills, rocks, forests and plains of the island of Hispaniola give a broader and more familiar. There are also areas of outstanding beauty such as LakeEnriquillo, salt lakewalter crocodiles, flamingos and many other wild animals.

 Once again, I rely on clichés. The Dominican Republic is a place where “something for everyone,” at any time, the pace of life. Watch the world roll on the beach, turn too many historic buildings, or the fantastic landscape. Or let your hair down for the fantastic places. Whatever you do, do not forget to visit sometimes!

 Steph Wood is a guest blogger working on projects for Tropical Sky Ireland, a travel agency in the Irish market holidays in the Dominican Republic, as well as many other travel destinations

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