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Colouring In At Bedtime, Making A Difference

The simplest steps can make the biggest difference and they don’t have to cost a lot; you can improve your home, your attitude and your health just by changing your bedroom and your bedding.

Clear The Clutter
Bedrooms are for relaxation and romance so the first step is to clear the clutter. Crowded rooms make for crowded minds and because there is always something that needs to be put away, dealt with or sorted out a cluttered room will always lead to distraction rather than the relaxation you need. When we say clutter we include the bedroom TV too and we are sorry but research proves that televisions in the bedroom are totally detrimental to sleep.

Unfortunately the lure of the small screen whilst we languish in cheap bedding UK is too strong and we can’t turn it off and, consequently, it disrupts our sleep patterns. A UK study revealed that the couples who have TVs in their bedrooms have sex half as often as those that don’t have TVs in their bedrooms and if that doesn’t convince you that finally ditching the TV will improve not only your life at home remember we should be setting a good example too. Studies show that children who have TVs in their bedrooms not only score lower on school tests but they are also more susceptible to suffering from sleep problems.

Of course the lighting sets the mood of any room and the bedroom mood, whether it is romantic, conducive to sleep or for a book atbedtime, has to be thought about carefully. Does your partner fall asleep in cheap bedding UK whilst you like to read? Then angle a light so that it doesn’t shine at them. Overhead lighting can be stark but fitting a dimmer switch and using coloured bulbs can alter the mood of a room in the flick of a switch.Looking for romance? Candlelight is the most romantic light of all and can make a familiar room look exciting and mysterious.

Consider The Colour
The focal point of any bedroom is, of course, the bed.and surprisingly the type of bedding you choose can make a difference to abedtime routine with a little bit of colour know-how.

Did you know that you can alter your mood and health without it costing a fortune just by changing the colour of your duvet cover?Thecolour of bedding can have a surprisingly positive effect on both your health and mood. We associate the colour red with love so it should be no surprise that dressing your bed in red can, according to the experts, inspire passion. According to alternative therapists red bedding can also improve circulation and liver function and alleviate rheumatic pain.

Equally if you are feeling stressed, have anxiety or suffer from insomnia, blue bedding inspires a calming memory of sea and sky, as does green, the colour of nature. Orange and yellow are the colours of sunshine, the ideal colours to dress the bed in if you are feeling rundown or recuperating after an illness,

So not only can you change the feel of your bedroom with a change of bedding, you can change how you feel too.

Colouring In At Bedtime

Michelle Lucas is an interior designer with an interest in the psychology of colour. She has written for numerous trade publications magazines and blogs including advocating the benefits of cheap bedding UK.

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