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DirecTV’s Genie Sets New Stage for DVR Technology

directv genie dvrWhen it comes to modern gadgetry, the television set has been seen as somewhat behind with the times. Big advancements have come with high-definition screens and recording abilities, but lately it has seemed stagnant. Many companies were hoping that 3D televisions were going to make some big waves, but sales and reception of them have not been what they were expected to be.

One thing that had been of large value lately is the digital video recorder – more popularly known as the DVR. One wouldn’t expect that  companies like Verizon, DirecTV and Dish TV would be able to really advance much past where they are able to deliver now, but the California-based company DirecTV recently came out with a new type of DVR in which they are hoping will set the new standard of recording.

Several sources such as Engadget revealed he company started rolling out availability of their DirecTV Genie DVR at the beginning of the month, and they are hoping that customers, both current and prospective, will give the chance to see the types of optimization that they can have with recording. The big selling point that DirecTV is rolling with is how customers will be able to record up to five shows in high-definition all at the same time.

The kind of space that the Genie has is thanks to the one terabyte hard drive that is built in, letting two-hundred hours worth of HD content to get stored. It also lets customers watch the shows that they recorded from any room – not necessarily the one that actually has the Genie. It also carries similar functions to that of a Netflix basis by making suggestions to the user of other shows to watch based on their history.

The Genie device is available to those that have not gotten DirecTV yet, and for those who have the service already, they will be getting the upgrade if they want it.

The question that must be asked now is determining if this new add-on by DirecTV can really set their technology apart from the rest. There has been a lot of talk about Dish TV’s “Hopper” program, which is certainly the competitive product in the market in relation to DirecTV. Both serve their own purposes quite appropriately for each of the services. There probably isn’t anything to suggest that a potential customer is going to decide which satellite provider to go with based on the features of the DVR alone.

What could have been a huge factor however is how Dish TV was currently in the middle of some contract issues with the very popular channel, AMC. The channel had been engaging in some very hard pushes lately with their commercials in making sure that viewers know that Dish TV is was not hosting AMC. Whenever a commercial for “The Walking Dead” came on, another card flashes on the screen with the narrator said “The Walking Dead. Not available on Dish”. This situation has been alleviated since, but there could be questions into whether more problems happen down the line.

So with everything considered, the new Genie DVR from DirecTV should be pretty successful in turning the heads of potential customers down the line. The offerings should satisfy the needs of the modern viewer, and the channel offerings look to be more extensive as well.

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