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Experience the magic of myriad colors of India

India is a land that conjures various beautiful images. This beautiful land is bounded by the Mighty Himalayan range on the North and Indian Ocean on the South; it offers a kaleidoscopic view of various things.  Its deep rooted cultural legacy cannot be described in a few words. The glorious past makes us look back in pride. India is a land with diverse art, culture and religion, various festivals and fairs, picturesque landscape, mouth watering cuisines, rich flora and fauna. India is widely known for its unity in diversity. Visiting India in anytime of the year is always a wonderful experience. India has always been a favorite destination for the travelers from all over the world. From Kashmir in the North to Kanyakumari in the South, Gujarat in the West to Assam in the East, there are various travel destinations. You can find lots of tourist in each and every part of the country.

The magic of this enchanting land comes alive with the interesting India Tour Packages. The timeless beauty and mystery of India can be experienced only by visiting this country. There is always something interesting that the country offers. These tour packages offer you an array of exciting packages. You don’t have to worry about anything. From booking tickets to hotel accommodations, all are included in the packages. Just set you mind as to what kind of holiday you want. You can choose from the variety of options which the travel companies are offering.

india tour packages

You will just be amazed at the sights and sounds of the land. All the places are unique in their own way. Some of the best tour packages are Golden Triangle Tour, Rajasthan Tour, Kerala Tour, Wildlife Tour, Lifestyle Tour, East India Tour and Buddhist Tour. Basically, India Tour Packages offers a wide range of variety. Be it related to historical places, wildlife in the lap of nature, exotic beaches, hills, mountains, lakes, rivers and spiritualism, it offers all.

Golden Triangle Tour is one of the best package tours. It is the best way to explore India who is visiting India for the first time. You can enjoy the rich heritage, cultural aspects as well the scenic beauty in this tour. It gives you an ample opportunity to discover the national capital along with the beautiful city of Jaipur and the heart of Mughal Era, Agra. Since the circuit of these cities forms a triangular shape, it is named as Golden Triangle Tour. This tour definitely keeps the glory of its name by offering the travelers a golden experience.

Those who are interested in enjoying the beaches and spending some time of their life in the lap of nature, Kerala Tour and South India Tour offers you lots of variety. You can find peace of mind in the greeneries. The lush green mountains, lofty forest, golden beaches, majestic waterfalls, exotic tea gardens, forts and palaces, lip smacking dishes, temples, mosque and churches are something which you get to experience while you are visiting the places of South India. The ayurvedic massage and therapies in the beautiful state of Kerala is an added flavor of the tours. These massages help you to rejuvenate you body and mind. It is like getting a new life after the stress you may be gone through in the hustle and bustle of your busy life.

Ever dreamt of capturing a Tiger engaging itself in an ambush, or a Rhino hiding behind the bushes not liking the presence of people or a bird feeding their young ones! Let you dream come true with the exciting Wildlife Tour. You will not only be amazed but also be mesmerized by the sights and sounds of the animals and the birds. The National Parks and Sanctuaries are abode to different animals, birds and reptiles. Apart from the tigers, elephants and rhinos, other exotic animals are snow leopards, leopards, the red panda, wild boars, crocodiles, golden langur and various species of birds and animals. You will not be able to believe your eyes by the variety of the flora and fauna that India is bestowed with. Explore the wild in the forest and sanctuaries. You can enjoy the beautiful gifts of nature at its best in a Wildlife Tour.

For those who seek luxury while travelling, Luxury Tours are the best. Luxury Tour provides you various options which give you a superb opportunity to travel while enjoying the luxuries of life. Enjoy a totally different experience on the Wheels. Palace-on-Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, Maharaja Express, Fairy Queen etc. takes you to some of the mind blogging destinations. While on board, you will relive the bygone era while enjoying the comfort and luxury that the royals enjoyed. All the luxury trains are equipped with all modern facilities, with different artistic designs, beautiful decors and provide an explicit experience. The feeling of travelling in a train will not come in your mind. We have an age old conception that while travelling, we can enjoy comfort and luxury only by staying in a five star hotel. This conception will surely be broken in a single journey in one of the luxury trains in India.

We these India Tour Packages, you will not feel like just going from one city to another. You will really get to enjoy the beauty of the places in the true sense of the term. Experience the sumptuous flavors of India and unwind the magic of this great land. It offers a vast canvas of myriad shades of passionate hues. You will get to be with yourself for some time from the boredom of daily life. In the midst of incredibility and nature, you will surely be elevated. India Tour Packages gives you the chance to explore the places and gain inner peace and tranquility in the vicinity of the places.

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