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Help Desk Job Description

By walking into any institution, one realizes the massive use of IT related equipments in the offices.  Help desk or support desk is usually the engine of the IT infrastructure in any institution using IT. Help desk job demands for a person who is capable of addressing all computer related problems within the organization.


To qualify for help desk job, one must have ‘strong hands’ on skills in the field of Information Technology or Engineering. He or she must have worked in a similar environment for a while to be equipped with the troubleshooting and diagnosis skills.  One must be knowledgeable with up to date training in the different methods of diagnosing a computer problem. With the above requirements, help desk person is usually capable of addressing close to 99% of IT related problems in the organization.

help desk job description


The description of help desk job is far and broad.  This implies that the person at the help desk spans from one department to another in the organization, fixing both hardware and software related problems in the various computers.  He or she is constantly on phone attending to other users who may be within or away in the field. Replying to emails from other users is also his role since other users prefer sending an email to have their problem sorted.

Other than troubleshooting computer related problems, help desk is also concerned with the installation of new software and upgrade of existing ones.  He also conducts an analysis of call logs to determine the trend and predominant issues in the organization.

Other than computer hardware and software components, the organization network falls squarely on the docket of the help desk person. In this case, he or she is responsible for troubleshooting and maintaining a consistent network for the organization.


There are several benefits associated with this job. First and foremost, you get to know almost everyone in the organization irrespective of their position.  This helps one add up more friends in their social circle. The other benefit is that one is faced by many challenges on daily basis which in one way or the other aid in his or her development in that field.  The first few months may be hectic but thereafter, things start flowing smoothly and within no time you are the organization’s “Mr. fix it”. This contributes greatly to ones experience which implies several other windows of opportunity are available and thus the sky should be the limit.


Several challenges are associated with office desk job. The job may be overwhelming especially when several computers stop responding due to one reason or the other bring the organization’s business of the day to a standstill. In such a case all eyes are on the help desk to save the sinking boat.

The other challenge is the fact that one must constantly be in the lookout for solutions since he or she is never sure of the next problem and when it is going to arise.

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