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How Offline Maps can be saved in the New Google Maps applications

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Google Maps applications

Google Maps has a useful offline maps feature for Android and IOS recently which must be used by you to save parts of the map for offline use. What you had to do for that just zoom in on the location that you wanted to access without the connection of internet, click on the menu button and than the offline option can be selected from there.

Google Map’s 7 recent updates have changed the process. If you have updated the new version of Google Map than you already have noticed that there is no functionality anymore. Infect the tap does nothing at all.

Google has changed their way for offline availability of Maps. It is not easy to understand as before and if have no idea about what to do, you can’t figure this out on your own because it is not clear when you are using the Google Maps application.

So, instead of using a menu which could be used to save a map to the device for offline viewing. Now, you have to enter OK Maps into the search to do so. It is almost impossible to understand that how it is done. So, for that you must have to read the official announcement at the Goggle Blog.

If this is obscenely complicated, the search box would jump to the suggestions screen when you start typing in the O of command. This will add confusion and you will also not sure that whether it will work or not.

If you type OK Maps and click search, one thing you will notice is that the application switches back to the maps display. The settings have no option to clear offline data.

The main question arises is ; why Google has changed its way to create offline Maps? No reason has been revealed by the company up till now in their announcements.

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