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Outbound Scripting Software: A Must Have For Outbound Telemarketing

call center servicesTo those who own a diversified business, outbound telemarketing is nothing new. To get good leads and to transact your business operations smoothly, businesses often hire an outbound contact center. It is a powerful direct marketing medium capable of reaching a highly innovative prospect list with complex offers.

Did you know outbound contact center employees hardly get 15 seconds to grab attention of their customers? So, it is essential to match the script type to right prospect in order to earn their attention. Outbound scripting software is one such innovation that helps to control telemarketing program in an effective way.

As reported by the press, outbound call scripting is often been associated with negative connotation. It is known to make contact center calls sound stilted and inflexible. This theory is dissolving slowly as more organization is reaping tangible benefits that scripting software can bring in.

Outbound Scripting Software- What Is It?

Outbound Scripting software is defined as the structure through which interactions flow via single channel, an intuitive to use application. Contact center management generally uses the tool to define call flow and find out information regarding which systems is required at any stage of each call.

Benefits of Outbound Scripting Software

  • Reduces call time
  • Increases conversion or service closure rates
  • Reduces repeat calls
  • Improves customer perception of the service
  • Optimizes all the processes
  • Ensures ability to manage workflow between agents, functions and departments
  • Provides context-sensitive scripts, based upon specific customer information

How Outbound Scripting Software Works?

Outbound scripting software takes care of pulling in information and updating underlying systems with information gathered during the call.

As call center technology takes a giant leap toward advancement, non-technical tools allows managers to define call flows, data required and scripts and prompts to be used. This assures managers loads of benefits to improve the agent performance and call center performance, including:

  • Full control over structure of each interaction
  • Flexibility to dynamically change process flows or to introduce new campaigns
  • Effectively handle interactions across multiple media
  • Monitoring and measuring agent performance

As for agents, the tools are helpful in following ways:

  • Checking out for information they need, when they need it
  • Avoiding complex navigation across multiple systems and data resources
  • Focusing on conversation with customer

Types of Scripts Generated

There are about three types of scripts generated using outbound scripting software:

ü  Outline Script: Often outbound call center employs experienced telemarketers as a guide to cover specific topic during an outbound call.

ü  Dialogue Guide: It is a highly advanced tool to track each step of the call.

ü  Verbatim Scripts: Less experienced telemarketers often use it, or during certain legal proceedings where reading out the script word by word, is necessary.

Powerful Tools of Outbound Scripting Software

  • Textboxes: meant to create blocks of text that displays inline from database
  • POST URL: allows agents to post information to a website that is able to receive it
  • Call List Field:  contains data from inline database that can be edited by agents
  • Custom variables allows to create, display and store values.
  • Data Inline allows inserting a custom field or a call list field into an agent script or text.
  • CRM Web application can be displayed by an I-frame or by a new window in a script.
  • Call recording triggers can be inserted into scripts for starting and stopping at specific points in the script.
  • Hyperlinks allow jumping from one page of the script to another, terminating a call, or putting a response in customer field.
  • End Script provides many options to your agents to finish their scripts the way they like.

Removing the Pitfalls Using Outbound Scripting Software

Contact center management often invests a lot on telephony equipment, ignoring agents desktop. If contact centers are able to provide multitude of back office systems that were never designed to use for telephony, it severely hampers agent’s performance. But if a call-scripting device is placed, then it prompts consistency in interactions and guides the agent to reach a productive path.

Author’s Bio: Ronald Windsor, the author of this article, is closely associated with renowned contact center solution services for over a decade. He has adept knowledge of lead generation, telemarketing, answering services, customer care, help desk solutions and various other outbound and inbound call center services.

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