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Physical Intimacy: Why Your Relationship Needed One To Make It Better

For a relationship to grow and flourish, it is important to keep the passion and excitement going. Many of you might be wondering how some couples remain in love with each other despite years of marriage. Speaking of lasting marriages, you should have known by now that physical intimacy is one of the greatest requirements to make your relationship alive and it’s a given fact that most men need it.

Oftentimes, an average male person does not want to be rendered average, yet you will find that there are several attributes that a lot of men are able to share as a whole. Several studies have been conducted earlier to establish the groundwork for lasting marriages.

Among the things most of these studies established is the fact that couples in a successful marriages are always aware of, and worked to meet, the needs of their other half. Couples were asked about the things they deemed important for their marriages to work. They are made to come up with a list of their respective basic needs. The husbands were asked to rank their list of basic needs according to their level of importance. Meanwhile, the wives are likewise urged to do the same. It was discovered that in most instances, the top-ranking needs of the wife are often the found to be the lowest needs of their respective partners. On the contrary, the top most needs of the male partners are ranked by the wives to be least important.

It is an established fact that men think differently from women in more ways than one. The manner in which most women perceived things were entirely distinct from men and is deemed interrelated in general. If this is the case, then we can view spiritual intimacy to be highly linked with physical intimacy for some women, however things can brought about spiritual intimacy for some which can contribute to physical intimacy to either men or women. The most important thing most couples stress for a successful marriage is – trust. When you trust each other totally (without reservations whatsoever), we are more relaxed and are able to enjoy the rest of your married life together.

Overall, physical intimacy depicts the overall surrender of ourselves to each other. And so, we can say in this respect that physical intimacy leads to spiritual intimacy at some point. The above-mentioned study proved that married couples who are in a highly physically intimate relationship revealed that an overwhelming statistics that these married couples are at their happiest. A great number of married couples revealed how they are highly fulfilled with each other. This kind of intimacy indeed bolsters the relationship’s trust, reliance, and understanding of each other. Physical intimacy guides a man to fully know his wife and the wife to finally know her husband.

Keeping a successful marriage is not rocket science; it just takes two to tango. More trust, love, physical intimacy, and understanding will surely make a marriage happy and fulfilled.

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