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Successfully Navigating The UK Immigration System

Moving to a new country is never easy. Aside from the practicalities of housing and either work or study, there is the immigration system to traverse. This article deals with how this can be made easier with the help of specialist immigration solicitors.

For those who have never lived outside their own country, immigration seems to be a fairly simple process; you just apply to live in the country of choice and wait for a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ from the relevant authorities. Those who have attempted to immigrate into another country know that this is not the case. Immigration is at best; time consuming, at worst, a convoluted series of archaic procedures that seem impossible to understand.

UK Immigration System

Different procedures for different situations

There is no one easy route to becoming a legal resident in the UK. Depending on the circumstances of the applicant and the reason for which they want to take up residence, the procedures are varied. A skilled migrant worker will have an entirely different route to the dependant of a person already settled here. This is why seeking help from expert immigration solicitors is so important. Not only will they ensure that the relevant forms are correctly filled in, but they will be able to anticipate or even avoid many of the problems that arise during the immigration process.

What can they help with?

Immigration solicitors can help their clients deal with all kinds of immigration issues, such as;

Applications under the Points Based System.

Applications for British Nationality.

Appeals in the Immigration tribunals.

Applications made outside of the Immigration Rules.

There are myriad ways in which professional advice can support an applicant through the immigration process. Firstly and foremost just knowing that someone with the relevant knowledge is on your side will help give you peace of mind. When you feel adrift amidst a sea of information, having a navigator can give you peace of mind and a sense that you are not alone. Even if you feel able to cope with the acres of paperwork involved, it only needs a small error to render your application null and void, so having an expert go through the papers can save time and unnecessary heartache.

If there are particular problems with your application or in instances where loss of freedom or deportation is a very real possibility, then using expert immigration solicitors becomes imperative rather than advisable. It is unthinkable to try to deal with issues such as these alone. No matter how hopeless a case may seem, or how impossible to solve, an expert immigration solicitor will be able to look at the facts of the case dispassionately using their wealth of knowledge to find precedents that may turn an unfavourable decision around. They will also be able to explain the system in layman’s terms cutting through the legal jargon and making matters much clearer and easier to understand.


Anna Mathews has had first-hand experience of the immigration system and its pitfalls – she moved to the UK in 1999 from the U.S. She found the experience and knowledge of specialist immigration solicitors invaluable when trying to secure visas for some of her family members and recommends that anyone undergoing the immigration process seek specialist advice.

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