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The 4G technology

What is 4G technology?

You are familiar with the 2G and 3G technology right? Basically 4G technologies take off from where the 2G and 3G technology left off. 4G basically means 4th Generation of cellular communication.  This is the next step in the long line of mobile data evolution.  This technology is fast gaining ground in most countries particularly the United States.  Some of the companies that are already using this technology include T-Mobile’s LTE network and Sprint’s 4G network.  However, they are not really using the 4G technology though many people think that they actually do.  The technology that are using is 3.75G which is the last stage of the 3G mobile data.  However, these two companies are in the process of upgrading to 4G very soon once it is there.  Most other countries like the UK are lagging behind the Americans in this technology.  So until the technology is unveiled and its use starts it is something that any consumers continue to wait eagerly to happen.

4G technology

Benefits of 4G

Majority of the benefits that you will receive from 4G are beneficial upwards as it is going to be like ten times faster than the current 3G network speed. This explains why consumers are very adamant about the technology.  Therefore, all your online working will be faster than it is today which is something very beneficial to business operations.   On the other hand you will be able to consumer more media on the device and also work harder than you have been doing.   These are all attributed to the huge benefits that the 4G technology carries.

In short the real brains behind the technology summarized it this way; it will give you better services in terms of downloading, home broadband, office services much better than it has been in the past. You will be able to do a lot more things with your tablet computer and Smartphone.

 What are the types of 4G networks

As earlier mentioned 4G technology is not yet in use even in the United States. The networks that claim to be using 4G networks are simply using 3.75G network which is the closest they are to 4G network.  This is also commonly known as the HSPA+  network.  In the coming months it is this technology that will be upgraded to 4G once  all things fall in place.  The organization that oversees all futuristic speed is ITU or international telecommunication union.  According  to the body only tow networks are deemed as 4G technologies that is WiMAX  release 2 and LTE.  However, presently none of the two companies are true 4G networks.  Both Japan and the United States posses the WiMAX  and LTE networks running.  Most networks are using HSPA+ network. These include companies like T-Mobile of US and AT&T, Verison uses LTE, most European countries are committed to LTE. It is expected that  many of these companies will have the 4G network in place  by 2013.

However, it is expected that in the late 2012 the technology may be available and in full use in many parts of the united stated by the two most efficient companies LTE  and WiMAX.  Until then all the companies that are telling you they are providing 4G network are simply lying to you because the technology is still not present currently.

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