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The Anywhere Conditioning Workout

When we are too busy with work, household chores and taking care of everything around us, even an hour to go to the gym and workout is too much to spare. Some would rather stay at home as well to do simple exercises they feel are good enough instead of paying a monthly premium to use gym equipment and get themselves a trainer or a workout coach.

 In this article, we will tackle 10 conditioning workout routines you can do just about anywhere without equipment.

 Effective Workouts You Can Do Anywhere With No Equipment

 1. Plank

 Planking in public has been prominent among youngsters and teens last year. Some people think this is a stupid act but in reality, it really helps your body become stronger with endurance. The proper way of planking is to lie on the floor with face down and carry yourself using your forearms and toes. Make sure your hands are clasped and not opened with palms. Hold this position while keeping your back straight for a minute. Breathe deeply and pause for a short while before repeating the same.


 2. Plyometric Push-Up

 Reach for a padded surface as this exercise might hurt a bit when you’re landing. This workout is a  combination of the push up and some explosive motion. In a traditional push up, you don’t lift your hands to the air but have them affixed to the floor for support. In contrast, the plyometric push-up requires you to have enough force and pressure from the floor and have your hands lifted before pushing the floor once again.

 3. Inchworm

  Do you know how the worm uses its body to move and walk? If yes, the inchworm procedure must be easy for you to imagine. You are only required to do the following steps: Put your legs together while in a standing position. Touch the floor with your fingertips without folding your legs and just keeping them straight. Then move your hands forward and lean your back this time unlocking the folding of your legs and strive to be in a push up position. Let your feet meet your hands and start from the first step again. It is ideal to finish six repetitions for optimum results.

 4. Bear Crawl

 After trying to be a worm for about 20 minutes, this time, find yourself as a bear crawling using your  hands, toes and knees essentially. Start with a crawling position with your back at the top and with your hands and knees, move forward with your toes until you reach 10 repetitions. This exercise will tighten your inner core and cause you to really perspire as you crawl faster. Be cautious though in choosing the floor you’ll be crawling on. Avoid those muddy or dirty grounds and choose smooth and clean ones to prevent injuries and bruises.

 5. Burpees

  Though one of the most tiring exercises of all, burpees are very good to condition and strengthen your body. Squat in a low position, with your hands lying on the floor. A good way to check if your stance is okay is to see whether the knees are parallel to the ground or not. If it is then you can proceed. The next step is to kick your feet back to a push-up position and do one push-up. This completes one rep and repeat as many as you can.

 6. Tuck Jump

 As the name suggests, the tuck jump requires you to jump as high as you can with your knees bent  slightly. If you feel like this is not enough, a level-up variation is to hold on your knees to your chest and jump. Do this at least 10 times and if possible, without rest as the momentum will fall down and you will feel a sudden lack of energy to proceed with the next tuck jump.

 7. Stair Climb with Bicep Curl

  While this next cardio exercise requires no equipment, you will need extra props: the stairs and a pair of dumbbells. If you do not have stairs at home, you can go to a public place which does not have lots of people and crowd that will think you are weird for doing this. If you already are complete with the props necessary, simply climb up and down a flight of stairs which at least has about 20 steps fast and concurrently do bicep curls with the dumbbells. You don’t have to buy dumbbells though if you don’t have budget. Instead, you can use items from your house with considerable heavy weight.

8. Wall Sit with Bicep Curls

 Remember the previous step? This one is slightly similar as it requires the usage of the dumbbells (or  any household item you can choose as equivalent). The other prop needed is a wall. Surely, you will find one! When you’re all set, face against the wall and slowly slide your back down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. The right position is to keep your knees above the ankles with a straight-body pose. Aim to maintain that sitting position for a minute before standing up to rest and repeat.

 9. Lunge

 You can perform lunges with different variations. First is the most fundamental lunge procedure: place your hands on your hips (you can start with either the left or right side) and keep your feet apart. Lean forward to the side you chose (left or right) and keep that left forward as well. Your knee should touch the floor in a 90-degree angle. This is the end of one cycle and start with the other side to balance.

 Another variation is the clock lunge. Same steps are to be done, with additional ones: after taking the forward lunge, move a step forward with the same foot and forward lunge another time. Perform a semicircle but with a back lunge this time then stand straight.

 The third type is the lunge jump, where you need to take a lunge forward with the selected foot then jump straight as high as you can with arms propelled in the front. The proper way is to have your elbows bent and then switch legs.

 10. Step-up

 The step-up is probably the easiest among all listed here. Literally, the step-up only requires you to  move with your legs forward using a bench or anything with a step higher than the level of the ground. Step your right leg up to the elevated surface and put it back. Try stepping up the other leg and return to the standing position. Repeat this procedure for 12 times on each side to complete.

 As it is important to have a regular exercise, being busy and budget should not be made as reasons to excuse yourself from doing workouts. Now take this list and try doing every one of them! But do warm-up exercises first to avoid having sore muscles and body pain. Keep moving!

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