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The World’s Most Interesting Break-Ins

By committing a crime, one admits his or her stupidity. The legal system is a swift and just mechanism in place to protect innocent civilians from the troubles of those wishing to do them harm. Sometimes criminals can sneak through the cracks of the system but most of the time they get caught. When criminals try to burglarize a home they are running a risk of being caught by the residents, neighbors, or passers-by.  The people committing these crimes are placed in desperate situations and will usually behave that way. Because of this, there are a plethora of stories of hilarious, incredible break-ins that would not be believed unless they were true.

Most Interesting Break Ins

The first and foremost interesting break in was by an Englishman by the name of Michael Fagan in 1982. He was famous for breaking into one of the most famous houses in the world – Buckingham Palace, the home of Queen Elizabeth. When he broke in, it was his second attempt. He had evaded security measures in place, and even tripped one alarm while taking himself on a private tour. The alarm was thought to be faulty and did not trigger any security response. He viewed the rooms of Princess Diana, and even got into a conversation with the queen, who tried calling the police, but none came because of a watch change. He was later caught and apprehended but was not criminally charged because at the time it was not an offense, and wouldn’t be until 2007. Fagan was sent to a mental hospital for six months because of alleged mental disorders. Of course, this was not the only time a person intruded into Buckingham Palace but because of its ambivalent nature was made popular by reference to many pop culture institutions.

There is another story coming out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where a burglar broke into an unoccupied home and stole money and ransacked the furniture. He was caught by the owner of the home who returned the next morning. Apparently, the burglar had fallen asleep on the couch and was not awakened by the homeowner, who called the police. The man has been sentenced to five years in prison.

Burglaries can be fueled by a variety of reasons and some are crazier than others. Like when Andrew Abernathy, a 22-year-old Harris County resident, showed up to a strangers house in the nude early in the morning. The resident was disturbed by the sound of glass breaking outside her front door and that is when she opened the door to find Abernathy au naturel. He attempted to introduce himself but when she threatened to call the cops he ran past her into her house where he remained until the cops arrived. The owner reported that he appeared to be on drugs.

Criminals are not widely known for their intelligence, hence the move towards crime, and sometimes they can be laughable. All over the world burglars are suffering from forgetfulness, and laziness and getting themselves caught. Of course, home security is important for the sake of safety but if you ever encounter any intruders like these do your best to take them seriously and protect yourself.

Guest post by contributing author, Linda Michelle. For more information about home security and different alarm systems, click here.

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