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Traditional Gift Ideas For Your Anniversary

Marriage is one of the things that an individual wants to achieve in life. To be married with someone who they value and love so much is the best feeling anyone could have. But in today’s society, separation and divorce is much more common than marriage. Whatever the reason of the divorce maybe, until it could happen, valuing marriage is more of importance through the celebration of the marriage’s anniversary. The best way in celebrating a healthy and successful marriage is through the traditional anniversary presents. In every span of time or year, there is an equivalent anniversary present. Each year has a designated particular gift.

Many people, nowadays, do not have the idea what are the appropriate gifts for a particular year. Traditionally, there is a leveling of the type of gift that is given to your partner. Gifts are actually leveled according to their strength of adaptability and how strong they are physically.

To start with the first anniversary, paper is the appropriate theme of a gift. Any material made of paper like a card, gift certificate, travel certificates and etc. follows the traditional first year of married life of a couple. The fifth wedding anniversary represents wood. In any antique shops and boutique, a simple figurine will do as a good gift. Tenth anniversary represents tin. As you can observe as the years increases, the material used as a gift, its level of strength also increases. On the 15th year, crystal is the gift item of the year while on the 20thyear; your gift should be China. In the 25th year anniversary, silver would be the proper item while in the 30th year, pearl is the suited item for that particular year In the 35th year anniversary, anything that is made of coral is a good choice.  In the 40th anniversary of the couple’s marriage, a nice shine of ruby would be the best one as a gift while in the 45th; sapphire is its equivalent gift. In the 50th year anniversary, a nice match of gold would be a nice match to your 50th year of marriage. And lastly, the 75th year of marriage is to be represented by the hardest stone of all stone which is the diamond.

But some of these gifts stayed untouched and unused. These milestones were never reached because of problems, trials, challenges and difficulties that come in one’s marriage life that are never solved which could be a result of divorce and separation of couples. Not only divorce and separation could be the reason of not reaching these particular milestones but also the death of the other partner. As times pass by, we do not know what might happen in the future so as long as we exist, having the time of our lives is the best thing to do. Satisfying your partner in life and respecting him / her could be done through respecting your marriage through the right celebration of it.

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