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Ways to Decorate your Bedroom

A bedroom needs to be soothing and well designed to lull you to sleep after a day’s hard work. With these helpful decorating ideas, you will be able to transform a dull and boring bedroom into a dreamy retreat. Give your bedroom a new look and a makeover by following these simple tips:

Clean thoroughly: Do a thorough cleaning of your bedroom, including areas under the bed and other conspicuous areas. Use a vacuum cleaner to dry clean the room followed by wet cleaning with a wet mop. You may also consider shampooing the dirty carpet. Do away with unnecessary items to make your bedroom look clean and have more space.

Decorate your Bedroom

1. Choosing the right color: Most bedrooms face a common problem of lack of color. Adding color can have a great impact on a bedroom. Since the bedroom is a place for repose, choose a color that induces sleep and restfulness. You may choose 3 colors that complement and work well with each other. Choose neutral colors. By neutral, I don’t mean white or cream, but rather the lighter shades of a color, whether it’s green, blue or gray.

2. Placing the furniture: Before placing and adjusting the furniture in the room, you first need to measure the room. This should determine the size of furniture and other items to use in the room.

3. Determine a focal point: Having a focal point makes your designing an easier process. You can have your bed, window or any other piece of furniture as the focal point. Everything else revolves around the focal point.

4. Choose patterned bedsheets: Choose well patterned and printed bedspreads that can make a room stand out and give it an added flair. You can get cool bedsheets from almost any store in your locality.

5. Get things that can be fixed to walls: This is a great way to save floor space. Instead of using floor lamps, you can use adjustable lamps and nightstands that can be fixed to the walls.

6. Maintain consistency: You may have great pieces to decorate your room, but if they are utterly mismatched, it can take the show off your room. It will also make your room look cluttered and unorganized. Stick to your theme in your entire decorating process.

7. Pile up a few pillows: Throw in some brightly colored pillows to make your room more interesting and comfortable.

8. Use wall paintings: Use wall paintings and canvas prints to deck up the room. There are many types of prints available in market. You can choose the one that appeals to you most. Floral prints can be a good option for the bedroom. The size should be appropriate. It should not appear to big or too small for your bedroom wall. So, it is advisable you take the wall’s measurements before you purchase a print. You may also buy prints online in Australia (as I have recently done). The color should also complement the color of the walls.

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